B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering

B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering

The undergraduate electrical engineering program forms on building a solid foundation in mathematics, physical sciences and computer programming followed by an intensive coverage of the principles of Electrical Engineering both in classrooms and the laboratories to ensure the students are equipped with future professional skills, rational reasoning, analytical skills and lifelong learning techniques.

The program provides a broad engineering knowledge, which enables the students to communicate and interact effectively with engineers and technologist specializing in different areas and to make technical decision with confidence. One successful completion the students will process the ability to understand, identify problems and their solution and implementations. Moreover breadth is added to their technical know-how through industrial tours to the leading industries in the country.

Electrical engineers are in demand with employers in Pakistan and overseas. The major employment areas include electrical power generation, supply and distribution, power systems, the installation and design of electrical machinery and communication

Programs Offered
  • Semester 1
    • Electrical circuits 4 CrHr
      • Applied Chemistry 3 CrHr
        • Workshop Practice 1 CrHr
          • Applied Physics 3 CrHr
            • Arabic Language 1 CrHr
              • Calculus 3 CrHr
                • Electric Circuits 4 CrHr

                Total CrHrs: # 19

              • Semester 2
                • Electrical and Electronics Workshop 1 CrHr
                  • Circuit Analysis & Design 4 CrHr
                    • Engineering Drawing 1 CrHr
                      • Introduction to Computing 4 CrHr
                        • Applied Thermodynamics 3 CrHr
                          • Communication Skills 1 CrHr
                            • Differential Equations 3 CrHr

                            Total CrHrs: # 17

                          • Semester 3
                            • Semiconductor Devices 4 CrHr
                              • Programming Fundamentals 4 CrHr
                                • Digital Systems 4 CrHr
                                  • Technical Writing & Presentation Skills 3 CrHr
                                    • Linear Algebra 3 CrHr

                                    Total CrHrs: # 18

                                  • Semester 4
                                    • Analog and Digital Electronic Circuits 4 CrHr
                                      • Signals and Systems 3 CrHr
                                        • Data Structures and Algorithms 4 CrHr
                                          • Microprocessor Systems 4 CrHr
                                            • Numerical Methods 3 CrHr

                                            Total CrHrs: # 18

                                          • Semester 5
                                            • Applied Probability and Statistics 3 CrHr
                                              • Control Systems 4 CrHr
                                                • Electric Machinery Fundamentals 4 CrHr
                                                  • Power Transmission,Distribution and Utilization 4 CrHr
                                                    • Electromagnetic Theory 3 CrHr

                                                    Total CrHrs: # 18

                                                  • Semester 6
                                                    • Analog and Digital Communications 4 CrHr
                                                      • Digital Signal Processing 4 CrHr
                                                        • Restricted Elective 4 CrHr
                                                          • Introduction to Robotics 4 CrHr
                                                            • Islamic and Pakistan Studies-I/Ethics 3 CrHr

                                                            Total CrHrs: # 19

                                                          • Semester 7
                                                            • Elective 4 CrHr
                                                              • Elective 4 CrHr
                                                                • Engineering Economics 3 CrHr
                                                                  • Islamic and Pakistan Studies-II/Ethics 3 CrHr
                                                                    • Project (Phase-I) 3 CrHr

                                                                    Total CrHrs: # 17

                                                                  • Semester 8
                                                                    • Elective 4 CrHr
                                                                      • Elective 4 CrHr
                                                                        • Entrepreneurship and Business Management 3 CrHr
                                                                          • Project (Phase-II) 3 CrHr

                                                                          Total CrHrs: # 14

Head of Department Message

The Department of Electrical Engineering is dedicated to continued innovation through its high-quality academic program. The department offers undergraduate program in Electrical Engineering, which cover a wide spectrum of fields while keeping up with their fast pace of technological advancement. Department of Electrical Engineering offers high-quality courses aimed at individuals who can amicably meet these challenges. The program of studies enables them to read the team of future young engineers and to realize their innovative ideas.

We consider educating and nourishing the next generation of engineers as a key role in the technological development of the society.The faculty at Electrical Engineering Department is equipped with vast academic and research experience and is instrumental in providing excellence both theoretically and practically. Chenab College will fulfill its responsibility of graduating culturally enlightened, technologically knowledgeable, and academically competent and research-oriented productive citizens who are prepared to lead, to inspire, and to serve humanity.

  • Admissions Starts
  • Duration 4 Years
  • Credit Hours 136CrHr
  • Available Seats 50
  • Level Graduation
Programs in electrical department
Time Table
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